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About Spice N Rice

Information About Spice N Rice in Overland Park

There are many great Indian restaurants in Kansas City, but not all are the same. How do you decide which to choose? Well, we at Spice N Rice like to think that we’re different, and for so many reasons. Here are just a few:

Great Atmosphere

We’re innovating our look. Our new dining room opened a few months ago, allowing us to expand our services and offerings. Come in and enjoy our spacious booths, and treat your ears to traditional Indian music and your tastebuds to our new buffet, which features a mixture of culinary delights from both the northern and southern regions of the subcontinent.


If you’re bringing in a large group of hungry co-workers, call ahead and you can reserve our private meeting room, complete with a flat screen TV to really make your office presentation pop. Our meeting room seats up to 50.


Fast, Convenient & Delicious

We are still the perfect combination of fast and convenient in a relaxed atmosphere: Leave the heavy tablecloths and stuffy cloth napkins to the other eateries. We know that these days, convenience is king. You can even have us come to you with our catering services in the Overland Park region.

Situated across the street from the Sprint campus in Leawood, we’re conveniently located so you can come in and grab a quick curry for lunch. Place an order online, stop on by, and grab your lunch faster than you can say ‘butter chicken.’

We are Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Friendly

We take great care in the attention to vegan, gluten free and vegetarian diets. Many restaurants in Kansas City go to great lengths to accommodate these diets, but none quite like Spice N Rice. Here’s how we care for you:

  • Our buffet is separated into vegetarian one one side, and omnivore on the other.

  • Our rice is dairy free and uses vegetable oil instead of butter.

  • There are separate fryers that we use for vegetarian and omnivore options.

  • 80% of our menu does not contain dairy either.

  • Vegan and Gluten Free options are clearly marked on the menu

  • Most appetizers are gluten free and made with chickpea flour

Healthy Eating

Your body will thank you, too. Studies have shown that besides being simply delicious, colorful and bursting with flavor, Indian food has used spices that are good for your heart and your body in general. We are proud to prepare food for you that contributes to your body’s overall health, and we will continue to promote the spices and ingredients that have been found in Indian cuisine for thousands of years.

Come See a Friendly Face

So stop by and see a friendly face: Our owner, Robin, takes pride in getting to know his customers and is ready to prepare your meals fresh, whether you’d like just a little of spice or a lot. You’ll see him hard at work right alongside his dedicated staff when you come in, so take a moment and say ‘hi’ (or, better yet, ‘namaste’).

Take a look at our traditional Indian food menu. We also offer food delivery in the Overland Park area.

To learn more, check out a recent article published in the magazine Experience Life. 


We will see you at Spice N Rice soon, friends. In the meantime, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and get the latest news on our deals and contests!

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